Name: Mr. Atthavute Ruenruengjai
Thesis Title: ice Straw Utilization using 3G-Hot grinder gasifier
Name: Miss Chanamon Chantana
Thesis Title: Development of a Thermal Energy Storage Type Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat
Name: Mr. Javed Anwar
Thesis Title: Energy Security from a Developing Country Perspective
Name: Miss Kate-Natee Noipin
Thesis Title: Fatty Acid Ethyl Ester (Ethanol Derived Biodiesel) Production
Name: Mr. Muhammad Khalid Farooq
Thesis Title: General Equilibrium Analysis of Renewable Energy Promotion Policies in Pakistan
Name: Mr. Nopporn Preamjai
Thesis Title: Solar Regenerated Solid Desiccant Evaporative Cooling System
Name:Mrs. Sirirat Muneesawang
Thesis Title: Course Work
Past Students
Name: Miss Chamaiporn Teerasetsopon
Thesis Title: Studies on Homogeneously Oriented ZnO Nanorods Dye-sensitized Solar Cellsgasifier
Name: Miss Jutamanee Martchamadol
Thesis Title: Assessment of an Integrated Social-Energy -Economic and Environment Model for
Sustainable Development: Thailand Case Study
Name: Mr. Shree Raj Shakya
Thesis Title: Economic, Energy Security and Environmental Implications of Hydropower Development
in Nepal
Name: Mr. Boonchai Riangvilaikul
Thesis Title: A study of dew Point Evaporative Cooling Assisted Solar Liquid Desiccant System
Name: Mr. Boonrit Prasartkaew
Thesis Title: A Solar-Biomass Hybrid Air Conditioning System for Residential Application
Name: Mr. Adeel Waqas Ahmad
Thesis Title:PCM (Phase change material) based cooling and heating system powered by solar energy
and night coolness
Name: Ms. Supattana Nirukkanaporn
Thesis Title: Electricity Generation cost under a reform of the electric supply Industry in Thailand.
Name: Ms. Lerdlekha Tanachaikhan
Thesis Title: Daylighting through Unshaded and Shaded Windows.
On-Going Students
Name: Mr.Sompop Jarungthammachote
Thesis Title:
Equilibrium Models, Thermodynamic Analyses and Experimental Investigations of
Multi-stage Air-Steam Downdraft Gasifier
Name: Mr.Thosapon Katejankarn  
Thesis Title: Optimal Placement of Multi-Type Facts Devices for Available Transfer  Capability
Enhancement Using Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
Name: Mr. Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul  
Thesis Title:
A Study of Tropical Daylight and Its Illuminance Through Window.
Name: Mr.P.Abdul Salam
Thesis Title:
A Comparative Study Of Hydrodynamics And Gasification Performance Of Two Types
Of Spouted Bed Reactor Designs,
Name: Ms. Napaporn Phuangpornpitak
Thesis Title:
PV-diesel hybrid system for rural electrification: A study on technology performance and
community satisfaction
Name: Wipawadee Wongsuwan
Thesis Title: